DeeNice at House In The Woods Making Salsa DeeNice at House In The Woods Making Salsa[/caption] />


using a Macrame Wall Hanging as my trellis

using a Macrame Wall Hanging as my trellis




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Gardens are hard to maintain generally, but in the Winter most folks wait past the cold weather until the spring. But look at all the wonderful produce you can grow during the cold rain, sleet, ice and snow. This video shows you want can thrive in the cold seasons.

One Response to Juice Veggies Health: Urban Garden In Winter December Snow & Ice: Cabbage, Kale, Collards, Spinach

  • Hello! I just watched your video, and wanted to say what a good job you did of promoting Winter gardening. We are all busy putting our summer gardens together, but you inspire me to continue gardening throughout the year. I had luck with my Lacinato Kale, which lasted til late in the season, but I will grow other vegetables now, having seen what luck you have had. Thank you, and keep posting your videos!

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